Historical Cody-
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 These two Photo`s show an original Cody, whieh were brought to Germany from America
to be shown at a meeting organized by Achim Kinter in1997.
The Cody at this time was damaged bably and has since been restored to it`s original state.
Why has thispartievlar kite been hidden from the Poblie by the Cody family for so long.
Is this a special kite? Could it possibly be one of the Kites that Cody used for crossing the
Channel. Or is it just a Kite that was donated to the poo to make clothing out of. At the time
of donating some of his Kites material for clothing was in short supply.

A 2 foot Cody made out of Silk
Cody made out of Silk

Cody made out of Silk



More Wind for Cody