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Cody-Meeting by Achim Kinter
and Drachten ( Netherlands )

These Cody`s are originals on the occasion of the Codymeeting specially brought to Germany from the USA.
The Cody's were badly damaged at the time, but have since been restored. Why was this particular kite kept by the Cody family for so long?

Werner Schmidt and Achim Kinter studying the blueprints

Werner Schmidt und Achim Kinter beim studium der Bauläne

In the photos an original Cody

Cody-Meeting von Achim Kinter 1998

This year, interested Cody met in Drachten and exchanged ideas with each other. Scott Skinner had come all the way from America. He brought the restored Cody, which was still badly damaged at Achim Kinter's workshop. David Hughes showed interesting photos of Cody on Friday night that hardly anyone has seen until now. Unfortunately there was a storm during the three days, so no kites (Cody's) could be flown. All in all, it was a very successful event, hopefully there will be another meeting like this in the near future.

      In the center David Hughes and Scott Skinner *

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