In 1902 Colonel James Lethbridge Brooke Templer became chief of Her Majesty's Balloon Factory at Aldershot, with the design and construction of an airship instructed. It was felt that it was about time England needed a military airship. However, adverse circumstances delayed the construction of the airship. In 1907 Templer retired and on his recommendation came Colonel John Edward Capper. S.F. Cody, who worked on the airship, said when asked what he's doing?: "I'm working on the scaffolding but not designing it. I'm buying the engine for the government. I'm also designing the mount for the engine and the device to transmit engine power to the front part. Indeed, it is the design by me and some parts were made by my hands in my forge on my lathe. I also designed the parts that control the airship." The length was about 37 m, the diameter about 8 m, the outer shell was made of cow intestines that were placed in twelve layers on top of each other. The gondola was about 1m wide and about 11m long and could be closed on the sides with fabric panels against wind and rain. To start the engine using two propellers in the form of paddles decreed, a wheel attached to the crankshaft behind the engine had to be turned. They said Cody was the only one strong enough to start the engine. The maiden flight was watched by a large crowd on September 10, 1907 at Farnborough. During this flight, the Nulli-Secundus was still attached to the ground with a rope. On board were Colonel Capper, Captain King (balloon flight instructor) and Cody. They climbed to a height of about 50 m. This attempt was repeated several times. Another attempt should be made at around 3 p.m. one climbed up, but the people were unable to hold the airship and left it free. In order not to have to land in a few trees after a few minutes of flight, Cody called the ground crew through a megaphone and they had to tow the airship back to the hangar. *




Nulli Secundus

Nulli Secundus Motors

Nulli Secundus Motors


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