Man-lifting System


The fire in 1899 gave Cody the chance to go over his ideas for new kites. Entries were found in a notice book from around this time regarding a Extended  Box Kites. The notice book also contained ideas for the first Man-Lifting System and a TOP SAIL.

Man-Lifting System

In this book, enormous Box Kites can be seen and also the first Patent entries from 1901.At this time Cody must have gone to the British Authorities with the idea that his kites could be used for Military purposes. His idea wasn’t new. In some wars balloons had already been used by the Military. One man who was all for this idea was Baden-Powell. Baden –Powell was President of the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain. He knew all the people who were involved in Aeronautics also Lawrence Hargrave.
In the development of his Man-Lifting System Cody was greatly aided by his Son (Vivian) and especially Lela. Nearly all of his kites looked different although they all had the same basic form.In the year 1902 Cody reached a height 1200 Feet. This brought Cody Membership into the Royal Meteorological Society. Cody was now a part of the Establishment and no longer considered an outsider.

The first land tests took place in Wanstead near London. In March 1903 the tests were then transferred to Portsmouth and took place at sea. In all the tests went on for a number of years and in various locations. At first , instead of using people , wooden weights were used but trust in the tests grew and only a few accidents occurred e.g. when the ship turned and sailed with the wind instead of against it. Many different things were tried out e.g. detection of U-Boats or Water Mines etc.


 Observation tests also took place. The whole system could be put together and manned in 20 minutes. It was also possible during observation to move the system back and forth. In the year 1905 Lieutenant Broke –Smith reached the record height of 3440 feet. As the kites had been developed to perfection they were put into production. They could lift up to three people and they flew with a top sail or without. When without then with braking cloths for

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