Historical 1


A kite builder who also should be mentioned is Henry Sauls.
The Sauls-Barrage Kite
(A box kite used to defend Allied warships)  that he built is a favourite among todays kite builders. The Sauls was originally built for the purpose of advertising or also to release leaflets advertising certain products from it. In the Second World War it was used in the skies above many English Towns for the purpose of keeping the German Bombers at distance. The same principal was used to protect the convoys of ships crossing the Atlantic.
The French Kite Builder Joseph Lecornu was employed by the Monthly kite flyers magazine Le Cerf-Volant. The Magazine was the idea of Georges Houard and first appeared in 1909, at the time it was the only monthly Magazine of it’s kind.  In 1902
Joseph Lecornu
was one of the first to publish a kite book were details of his own kite were illustrated.
One of the most well known Kite Builders to come out of Germany was Rudolf Grund. He started work at an Observatory in Lindenberg at the beginning of 1907.At the side of Hermann Schreck he became one of the best Kite Builders in Germany. He also improved the Hargrave-Marvin kite, which was in use at the Observatory. Although there is proof, it is still believed that he was involved in the Height
World Record ( 9740 m)
which still stands today. The kite used in this World Record was developed by Otto Schreck and was a Schrim Kite. A modification on the Grund kite which was built in 1929 was that the front and back box were regulatd by a spring and a joint.The spring and the joint then regulated
themselves according tothe wind. This system also prevented the line from breaking when reeling in


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