Lucien Frantzen


 Lucien Frantzen
      Lucien Frantzen belongs to a group of people who have had a very intensive interest in kites.He
      has also designed and built many kites.He believed in the practical use of kites long after the first
        aeroplanes had flown.He built many kites using different systems.Many of his systems were
developed for use by the Military.
     Many different kite types were developed for the purpose of cableless telegraphy,air photography
       and meteorological purposes.Other kites were developed for plain fun.Many kites from Lucien
     Frantzen are no taller than 50cm.The materials used were mainly bamboo and cotton cloth etc...
       Frantzen also solved the problem of the continously moving pressure points (Cody & Sacconey
also had this problem) on his man carrying kites.
Patent kite
         This kite was developed in 1912 by Lucien Frantzen.Specially built for using with cableless
     telegraphy from aboard ships.The Patent kite is very difficult and complicated to build because of
     the many special metal parts.Unfortunately because of this difficulty the builder of the kite shown
               below had to make many modifications although the basic form is correct.
Patent Kite

Patent Kite


  This kite was built in 1912 for the purpose of cableless Telegraphy from aboard ships.

 "Cerf Volant TSF"

Cerf Volant TSF

 This kite was built by Frits Sauve(Holland)

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